The Italian Tripartite Assembly for the EOSC: ITAEOSC-2023

Promoted by the Ministry of University and Research - Hosted by the National Research Council of Italy

05 giu 2023

EOSC is the overarching data space for European research that will realize an internet of scientific data and services supporting open and transparent collaboration, benefitting, as a public good, research, innovation and trust in science.

The EOSC has currently a tripartite governance in which the European Commission and the EOSC-Association operate as Strategic Co-Programmed Partnership under Horizon Europe, and, as third party, the EOSC Steering Board represents the Member States and Associate Countries. Such tripartite governance collaborates for elaborating the strategic agenda (SRIA) and multi-annual roadmap (MAR) for the construction of EOSC. 

European and National Tripartite events contribute to the dissemination and discussion of the EOSC objectives and decisions aiming to setup an operational EOSC in 2025-2027.

The National Plan for Open Science (Piano Nazionale per la Scienza Aperta, PNSA) is the reference for the Open Data policy of Italy. The engaged participation of the Italian research to the EOSC processes is represented by the mandated organization ICDI and the over 25 infrastructures, research performing organizations and universities that are members of the EOSC-Association and actively contribute to its taskforces. The PNSA requires now a concerted action plan of all Italian stakeholders for its timely implementation.

The aim of the Italian Tripartite Assembly on EOSC is to provide information on EOSC, its opportunities for Italian researchers, and to identify coherent goals for all “Doers” of the Italian research system. 

The Italian Tripartite Assembly will mirror and expand the scope of the EOSC governance in Italy and foster an effective and sustainable contribution to EOSC by engaging the competencies of the Government, research and e-infrastructures, research performing organizations, academies across all disciplines, and NRRP undertakings (PNRR).


Video recording


Invited participants correspond to the following main profiles:

  • Representatives of Ministries involved
  • Representatives of the EU Commission
  • Representatives of the EOSC-Association
  • Representatives of the EOSC Board
  • Presidents of RPOs and Rectors
  • Representatives of PNRR-funded projects
  • Researchers operating actively in the implementation of the Open Science approach
  • Knowledge brokers acting “in-between” policy and research organisations 

Programme Committee

  • Monique Bossi (INFN)
  • Donatella Castelli (CNR)
  • Roberto Cimino (MUR)
  • Ute Gunsenheimer (EOSC-A)
  • Marialuisa Lavitrano (Univ. Milano Bicocca)
  • Giorgio Rossi (Univ. di Milano)

Organizing Committee

  • Giorgio Bartoccioni (CNR)
  • Isabel Caetano (EOSC-A) 
  • Giovanni De Simone (CNR) 
  • Irene Modolo (CNR) 
  • Gina Pavone (CNR)
  • Catherine Bosio (CNR)

Registration (required) at the following link:


Rome, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Sala Convegni, entrance from via dei Marrucini

The conference venue is barrier-free. The number of registrations accepted will be limited to seat availability. Please, inform us as soon as possible if, once registered, you will not be able to attend so that we can offer the seat to someone else. Please, inform us by sending an email to 

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