FDO Models (Workshop)

FAIR Digital Objects Forum

26 mag 2023 11:00-13:00

The specifications of FDO are meant to allow for different approaches. Currently, we see the Signposting approach as being designed by Herbert vd Sompel and the Digital Object Based approach going back to work from R. Kahn and several RDA WGs. In addition, there are suggestions made by Linked Data that should be considered. We will invite experts of the different approaches to present their concepts with the intention to understand in detail what the overlap and the differences are and to look for harmonisations.


  • Ulrich Schwardmann
  • Herbert van de Sompel
  • Luiz Bonino (tbc)
  • Daan Broeder

During the last few years, the term FDO was specified in detail by the FDO Forum. But we also realised that in parallel a few other colleagues worked on concepts that have similar goals and are partly overlapping. Therefore, it was logical that we received frequently questions such as:

  • what are the differences?
  • where are they similar?
  • is there a path towards interoperability?

We see the urgent need to answer these questions with the help of an open workshop. With this workshop we would like to make a first step. Ulrich will report on the FDO model as it was worked out by the FDO Forum.

  • Herbert will report on the Signposting model which is based on the Web-technology-stack.
  • Luiz was asked to report on his FDO Conceptual Framework (due to travels we are waiting on confirmation).
  • Daan will take a bird’s view and look at the different models to kick-off the discussion.

Language: English

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